Here is what causes flat feet. The reason you have flat feet could be caused by one or more conditions. There are a lot of people who complain of flat feet and this can be one of those ridiculous problems, which can be painful and irritating. Flat feet are actually a change in the shape of the foot when people fail to have a normal arch when they are standing.

Ideally, most people will have a gap right under the arch of their feet. This helps in keeping their feet elevated to the ground. Those with flat feet have no gap and hence lack the elevation. Some of them may feel no pain, but in other cases, it can lead to significant pain especially in the ligament area and even the muscular region when strained. The knees along with the ankles are most likely to be affected because of the problem of flat feet.

In order to deal with flat feet, there are plenty of things that one needs to know. First of all, we will take a look at some main causes of this problem because when you are looking to know what causes flat feet and how to cure it, it is crucial to understand the reasons which could lead to the problem.

It is often said that discovering the reason could be half the solution.

Diagnosis of flat feet

When you are looking to diagnose if you are suffering from flat feet problem, the following is a very simple procedure that you can use.

  1. Make your feet wet.
  2. Now, take a flat surface which is capable of showing your footprint.
  3. Stand on the surface. You could choose something like the concrete pavement of a light shade.
  4. Now, get down and step away.
  5. If you can see the total imprint of your bottom of the feet, it is a likely indicator that you have flat feet.

The main causes

There are plenty of different reasons which can lead to flat feet. Some common ones among them are as follows.

Foot stress

If you are involved in a work that involves a lot of movement, it can easily lead to foot stress. It is one of the most common reasons and it can lead to flat feet even in old age. People who are most likely to suffer from this problem include those who tend to stand on their feet for a long time, especially with their heels on.

Even those who tend to wear uncomfortable shoes for a long duration of time are likely to have weak muscles in their foot and ankle region and this can lead to flat feet.

Birth defect

There are a lot of people who are born with birth defects which can hamper them from having normal feet. These people may or may not experience any kind of disability owing to their flat feet. Defects which are present from the birth are harder to treat.

Broken bones and injuries

If you have suffered tremendous broken bones, collapsed bones and other leg injuries; these too can play a role on your feet arch and lead to flat feet. Generally, it has been seen that flat feet occurring because of such injuries are much more likely to be painful.


There are a few medical problems which in turn can lead to flat feet. Those who are suffering from arthritis are much more likely to have this problem and they are always at a higher risk. Rheumatoid arthritis, in particular, can be very risky when it comes to increasing the chances of flat feet.


We all know how obesity is one of the key causes for plenty of medical problems. There have been various researches which have indicated that obesity too could be one of the major causes of flat feet. When you are obese, the chance of muscle pull is quite higher as the feet may not be able to withstand the pressure. What is the Best Weight Loss Diet Program- Noom Diet Review


In some cases, it has been seen that those who are suffering from diabetes can suffer from flat feet as well. There isn’t any direct relationship between the two, but the likelihood is high and so diabetic people should be a little more cautious.

The symptoms

Now that you know what are the main cases that lead to flat feet, here are some key symptoms which you can see and analyze if you are suffering from flat feet disorder.

  • People suffering from flat feet tend to get easily tired. You may find excessive pain in your feet all the time.
  • Lethargy: people with flat feet tend to be very lethargic and they may not be able to stay energetic for long hours.
  • Sometimes the bottom of your feet may be swollen and it can be extremely painful.
  • It may be accompanied with acute back and leg pain
  • You may have a general restlessness in your body and find it hard to concentrate on your work because of incessant pain in your leg, joints, and muscles.

These are some common symptoms which should help you understand what causes flat feet and how to cure it. Now, we will talk of some most effective curing methods which can turn out to be helpful for you.

Therapeutic methods


This is, of course, the first choice for everyone. Rather than popping pills or going under the knife for some surgery, the smarter solution is to be sure that you can opt for some most effective physiotherapy sessions. These sessions will help you make the most out of your need.

Sometimes with the most effective physiotherapy sessions, you will be able to flex your muscles, get rid of the tiredness and it can help you in ways more than one.

Sometimes with the most effective physiotherapy sessions, you will be able to flex your muscles, get rid of the tiredness and it can help you in ways more than one.


You need to find out the best insoles for flat feet. The type of shoes which you wear plays a huge role when it comes to helping you walk carefully. There is a great deal of people who could minimize their pain by simply choosing the right pair of shoes.

So, you should look out for the best insoles for flat feet. Make it a point to explore the different brands and then look out for what seems to be the best buying choice for you. Considering the specifications and reviews might be one of the best ways of finding the right choice.

Stretching exercises

Along with physiotherapy, it is also advised to flex your body. Those who have a rigid body and do not have too much flexibility are a lot more at risk of suffering from flat feet. This is the reason, you should make it a point to opt for stretching exercises which will allow you to move your body and align it in an apt manner.

You can always hire a professional to help you out or carry out the exercises by yourself too.

orthotic devices

In some cases, your doctor may advise you to opt for custom designed arch supports which can help in moving and shaping the contours of your feet. This is ideally prescribed for people who cannot tolerate the pain levels and experience a great degree of discomfort even while walking or running. These tools are not likely to cure flat feet, but when used in an apt manner, they are most likely to cut down the pain and even lessen the symptoms. They can help you live with the problem a lot more easily.


Surgery is never done solely for the issue of flat feet. However, there have been cases when people suffered a torn tendon or bone rupture because of their flat feet. In such cases, the surgical option may be recommended and you need to be sure that you are going through the details meticulously and choose the best option which seems to be best for you.


These are some methods which can be used for the sake of dealing with the problem of flat feet. You need to be sure that you are following all these points as it will allow you to make the most out of the issue.

There are innumerable people who suffer from this problem. With the right pointers, it will be easy for you to handle this problem. One of the points to be kept in mind is to look for ways and methods by which you can handle the issue.

All it demands is a little care, some effort and regular exercises. It isn’t the worst problem to have and when you make use of the right systematic methods, you should be able to carry out your day to day activities without much of fuss.

So, beat the problem of flat feet with the knowledge of what causes it, how to detect it and the finest ways of combating it. Remember, to change your shoes right away because you need to buy insoles that have been designed for flat feet. These can help you a great deal.