Things to Look For When Shopping the Running Shoes for Mom

Wearing the right running shoes is the best thing you can do to your body while preparing yourself for a long run or a morning exercise session. If you are running mom, you simply need to invest in running shoes and a jogging stroller to take your baby along with you. But again, that is the most difficult thing to do because as soon as you get into a store, the colorful running shoes inspire you. And somehow you are convinced that they are the best pair of running shoes you can get yourself. The cool sneakers can’t take you anywhere if they are uncomfortable for you. So do not let those colorful shoes fool you? So here are some tips and tricks and things to look for when you are shopping for your running shoes.

Things to Look For When Shopping Mom Running Shoes

Things to keep in mind while buying running shoes

Weight of the shoe

Even if you are a beginner, considering long-term use, along with your double jogging stroller you need to choose lightweight shoes because you are going to run kilometers with those shoes on your feet. It is also important to consider your weight also while buying shoes because the more heavy you are, the more support your shoe should provide.

Running style and use

You need to choose a pair of running shoes according to your running level and style. You may be a novice, or an intermediate or an expert and you need different types of shoes for different levels. Again, if you are a parent who wishes to push a stroller while running, you need to choose the shoe that can support your movement along with the jogging stroller. To find out best supporting shoes for jogging stroller, it is also important to check some best double jogging stroller reviews. The reviews will certainly give you some best suggestion to find out supporting shoes matching to each stroller because each stroller will have different security features. The choice of shoes must also depend on the space where you run. You might be running on a road or track or grass. Whatever it may be you need different types of shoes having a specific amount of grip for various uses.

Length of the shoe

While choosing a shoe of your size, also keep in mind that there should be some extra space in your shoes for you to run comfortably. The more you run, the more space your feet will need. There is also a tendency for your feet to expand as you run, so this is highly significant. The shoes must be compatible to use along with your jogging stroller.

Know your pronation

Pronation simply means the way your foot rolls or according to the shape of your arch while you run. If your arch rolls inside of the foot while you walk or run, it is termed pronation, and if it rolls outside, it is called supination. You can buy shoes according to the shape of your arch.

Sole color

As said earlier, do not purchase a shoe by seeing its color, but you can buy a shoe according to the color of its sole. Let me explain this here, generally, black soles are made of carbon rubber, which is highly durable and provides adequate support and grip whereas colored and white soles are manufactured from a material called blown rubber which is a soft and low-density material. You also need to consider the surface on which you run before choosing a particular sole type.

Tips for buying the right pair of running shoes

Visit a running store

If you are a new runner, avoid buying shoes online without actually trying them. Again, instead of going to a mall, go to a specialty running shoe sales store where they sell only running related stuff. The reason to shop at a specialty store is that the sales people working there will be aware of your needs, and they can help you in choosing the right pair of shoes. Many double jogging stroller reviews are extensively dealt with the subject, so read these reviews for a better understanding.

Do a test run

When you are in a store for buying a new pair of shoes, you usually do a trial walk to see whether they are comfortable on your feet. The same is applicable in the case of buying running shoes; you need to give them a test run. Ask the person in the store whether you can slowly jog or take a test outside by actually trying them. In doing so, you can rest assured whether the shoes will match to use with a double jogging stroller.

Never assume your size

Although you know the size of your shoes, there is nothing wrong in re-measuring the, once again. Because no two different shoes fit you the same way, you might be a different size in a different brand.


A comfortable pair of running shoes is one that fits your correctly, but that is not easy to find out. You need to consider all the points mentioned above while buying a pair of running shoes. Also, avoid the mistake of buying shoes during the morning. The evening is the best time when you can go for shoe shopping as your feet will be expanded to its maximum level rather than the morning time. It is not advised to purchase shoes during morning time. For mom’s who do rigorous running exercise, and want to take the baby during jogging, they have to look for a jogging stroller, which can be used comfortably with a perfect fitting running shoes.

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