Best Tennis Shoes For Women, Men Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

Hello there, tennis lovers! Here we’ve got the most amazing list of the best tennis shoes that can make tennis an entirely different experience for you. Finding the perfect pair of shoes was never this easy before. All of these picks have everything from the ultimate comfort, unparalleled support, strength and competitiveness to style you ready for your next match on the court. Gone are the days when you had to struggle with the rough soles of your sweaty traps, these amazing top-selling tennis bests are going to make the game a delightful venture for you. With the innovation of design and the well-thought out enhancements of the latest technology, these shoes are going to keep your feet secured in their comfortable embrace when you dazzle the tennis court with your power packed performance!

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe

ASICS brings to you a brilliant design of tennis shoe with all the qualities every pro looks for. The GELResolution 5 is a latest edition, besting the comfort and flexibility of its upper design with the improved Flexion Fit and redesigned PGuard. These performance-driven tennis shoes come with a sound surface made with the finest quality synthetic. It gives your feet an unbeatable comfort with its soft rubber sole and layers of P.H.F. foam lines in the collar that molds to your heels closely. The Trusstic system and Solyte midsole material together imparts a lovely light weight to the design, enhancing the cushioning and creating room for your easy movements. The addition of GEL cushioning systems in both rear and forefoot protects your feet from shock and impacts of power play. If you’re looking for a blend of unparalleled comfort, strength and durability, this is just the choice for you.

2. ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 2 Tennis

This is a delightful range of tennis shoes that can uplift the spirit of any girl. Apart from the many qualities of the pair, the unique style and shades of its design sets ASICS Gel Solution apart from all others. A fine structure of the highest quality synthetic, their surface acts as a perfect protective cover for your feet. The most admired feature of this range is the GEL cushioning system on the both the fore and rear foot that imparts an incredible comfort to these shoes. P.H.F. gives your heels a personalized close fit with the two layers of memory foam lining the collar and the Solyte midsoles making this pair from ASICS the best choice, if you’re looking for a cushiony comfort. Strong in the grip, flawless in fitting and big on style, ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 2 is a great tennis shoe.

3. K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss has launched yet another amazing tennis shoe. Grandcourt II gives you all the qualities of an incredible tennis shoe in an amazingly affordable price. The fine outer part is constructed from the finest leather and synthetic gives your feet a comfy and strong protection. The comfort of the reinforced toe with the upper leather is unbeatable. It ensures you a relaxing close fit with its flexible and soft sole. The solid outsole ensures both strength and viable traction. Trapping of moisture and heat is a major problem that every tennis player faces, but the nice ventilation of these K-Swiss bests ensures breathability and saves you from the heat of the game. Its extraordinary cushioning also ensures impact-absorption with utmost comfort. You’d love how the lightness of structure and traction of the rubber soles allows you a great ease in swift and sharp movements. These fabulous tennis shoes can add a tremendous boost to your game with comfort, support and style.

4. K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

Bigshot Light is a wonderful tennis shoe for all athletic women. K-Swiss has perfected the designs with incredible technical enhancements. The super comfy foot bed by SUPERFOMA and the amazing cushioning with K-EVA gives you a great energy return and impact absorption. The efficient defense against abrasion with the DragGuard of the shoes will always give you a strong foothold. It solves all your problems of moisture and heat-trapping with the flawless ventilation from the Flow Cool System. The comfort of fitting is indispensable for every player and the best grip and dragging resistance of its DuraWrap technology assure you the same. You can experience a magnificent support with the presence of TPU-injected component and the strengthening of the arch areas with its Y-Beam structure. K-Swiss ensures you the highest stability by using the 180 PSC Plantar Support Chassis thermal plastic on the outsoles of these shoes. If you find trouble with the brisk movements on the court, its Ballistic Propulsion Plate will work wonders in improving your performance.

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5. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court Tennis

This is a fabulous pair of shoes perfected to meet the needs of all tennis men just right. The exterior is constructed from the finest quality synthetic and Adidas special mesh, making these shoes an excellent choice for all performance-minded tennis lovers. The flexible and soft rubber sole allows your feet to have a relaxing support even during a power play. The mesh inserts of the surface save your feet from the trapping heat of the game with their airflow channels allowing a nice breathability and keeping the temperature regulated. The close fitting grip of the shoes lets you master the court with dynamic movements, taking strength from the smooth hard surfaced outsoles. Experience the added comfort of cushioning by the ADIPRENE+ foam inserts that imparts great propulsion and efficiency to your feet. You can style with their extraordinary range cutting-edge style and strong body and steal all hearts on the court.

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6. Adidas Performance Women’s CC Rally Comp W Tennis Shoe

Adidas brings to you the prettiest and finest range of tennis shoes. This wonderful frame of top-quality synthetic and the very best Climacool mesh offers you a cozy and strong armor for your feet. It is loved best for the awe-inspiring style and the feather-light movement it extends to all you tennis fanatics. Its efficient design comes with the strength of ADITUFF on the upper and an unbeatable reinforcement from a web skeleton construction on the inside, that provides this Women’s CC Rally Comp W Tennis Shoe and unparalleled stability and abrasion resistance. Experience excellent forefoot efficiency and propulsion with its Adiprene+ insert. This shoe keeps you prepped up for high power performances on any court surface with ADIWEAR featured on it outsoles. The flexible cushion of the rubber sole gives your feet a gentle yet strong grip and the TPU Torsion System of the Soft EVA midsoles contributes to your stability. Its super light weight enables you to move amazingly fast and makes this Adidas pair the best tennis shoes for you.

7. New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe

The structure of this pair is constructed with only the best quality synthetic and leather, giving you both strength and feel-good fit. This pair from NB is the perfect design for all tennis lovers looking for the finest stability and superior support of the movement. The well thought out frame of these shoes is designed to provide your feet with utmost comfort during your powerful performances on the court. The soft rubber sole cushions your feet nicely against the friction on all surfaces and the perfect arch of its sit always ensure a secured comfy grip as well. The presence of C-Cap midsole adds an extra element of comfort along with the lightning dry liner. A light and easy breathability and no moisture with the ABZORB cushioning only adds up to its merits. This pair promises you both radical style and matchless stability during play, so don’t forget to style in the classic white of this pair for your next match.

8. New Balance Women’s WC696 Tennis Shoe

NB is a celebrated name amongst the tennis fraternity and this amazing Women’s WC696 Tennis shoe tells you perfectly why so. It has a flawless structure of imported and best-quality synthetic material and the well-researched design comes with solutions for all your on-court troubles. The soft sole of rubber cushions your feet closely in a complete arched fitting. Along with a trendsetting look, these shoes also add a never before strength to your performance. The use of fine mesh underlay in the frame allows a nice channel for ventilation that makes sure of temperature regulation and sound breathability for your feet, even during the hard sessions of trainings. All your moisture troubles are addressed with the absorbing mid foot cushioning. This pair ensures you the utmost comfort with supportive Imeva midsole and the great traction from the herringbone textures outsoles. With such a stylish design, catchy colors, and extraordinary comfort in movement this is definitely one of the best tennis shoes any sportswomen can ask for.

9. Nike Men’s Vapor Court Tennis Shoes

With this improved redesign of Vapor 9 Tour, you get to experience Nike at its best. Perfect for a physic intensive sport like tennis, these shoes provide you a foot light comfort and flawless fit. This Nike Vapor keeps you ready for power packed performances on all court surfaces with its lightweight low-foot design. It takes strength from GDR rubber outsoles and herringbone design, allowing your feet a great support during play. The well thought-out use of synthetic leather on the surface and at all high wear areas adds an amazing force to the frame. The split leather used on the uppers, grants you a cutting-edge subtle style. It has an easy yet strong presence of the phylon midsoles that gives your feet a soft cushion to relax upon. Nike has enhanced the durability of all the high wear areas of this design with Omni tractions and synthetic leather. The dynamic arch fit and room for strong and free movements makes this design is a fine choice for all tennis enthusiasts.

10. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

This pair of beautifully designed shoes promises you great comfort with its synthetic and mesh structure. Big on style, this tennis shoe is available in four super cool colors to choose from. You can get your feet a support of firm grip with the well-padded PU sock liner and the strength with the TPU shank of these shoes. Every power packed sports performance leaves your feet sweaty and heated up, but these carefully devised shoes provide you with amazing ventilation. The regulated airflow keeps your feet relaxed by maintaining the breathability during the play. Prince’s T22 Tennis shoe ensures the safety and comfort of your feet like no other. This classic T10 design bests every other with the added RASH toe cap, assuring protection from abrasion and unmoving stability with TPU forefoot straps. An excellent 4Foot wrap, ease of rubber and PRC1000 outsoles, and shock eraser, you get them all. So when you’re up for you next game, style with Prince’s T22 tennis shoes and give tennis your carefree best with its unbeatable durability and super comfy protection.

Having just the right gear is a vital must of every sport. All these fantastic picks are sure to take your already amazing tennis performance to many levels up with their powerful designs and flawless styles. Believe us; suiting yourself in all of these exciting tennis shoes will keep your feet at home, even on the heated battle field of your court. Shoes are not just a wear when you’re up for a tennis match. The right pair of shoes will act as armor for your beloved feet and extend you a great help in energizing your performance. The lightness of movement, dynamism of steps, strong foothold, the troubles of sweat and moisture, the much-needed breathability, resistance to abrasion, and strength, these awesome shoes are going to solve all your tennis troubles effortlessly. You can make the most of your skills and play with the comfort and might of the remarkable above-listed picks. Know that when you step on the court wearing best tennis shoes like these, you will have your best friend with you!


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