Best Insoles For High Heels Review & Buying Guide 2016

There’s nothing that a woman can not achieve; just give her the right heels and see the wonders they say. Heels are becoming an indispensable and dearly loved accessory of the present fashion era. They accentuate the beautiful frame of your body, add inches of elevation to your height and make you centre of attraction at all times. There are all these tempting benefits attached with high heels but still many of us have to keep ourselves from wearing them. Wearing heels for long duration causes discomfort to feet and carrying heels continuously can even cause some harm to health at times.
But you do not need to worry any more as adding an insole to your heels can take away all the discomfort and reduce the health risks to minimal. So here we have some of the best insoles for high heels listed for you

1. Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel Insoles

You get to experience comfort at its best in your high heels with this Dr. Scholl’s product. These insoles are appreciated most for the comfortable and perfect fitting of up to two inches and above they provide in heels. They are made with FabuSTEP gel. It is highly beneficial for your feet. You feel excellent cushioning and the soft arch of gel sticks in place, managing the pressure from the balls of you feet as well.
The transparency and near invisibility of Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel Insoles makes it one product that you would love to have. You can pair it with a number of wears and it is available in all sizes from 6 to 10.

2. Pedag 121 Lady ¾ Ultra Thin Leather Self Adhesive Insole for All Heels

These insoles are a must go choice for the girls who like real coziness in the footwear. Manufactured in leather, they work wonders in keeping your feet comfortable in your heels. You get a nice padding from these insoles that give a relaxing feeling when you stand or walk. They have a liner of leather that makes breathing easy for your feet as never before. The most admirable feature of this product is the ultra-thinness and efficiency of design in keeping your feet in shape. These insoles prevent the pain and discomforts one can get from high heels.

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3. Kilofly Silicone Cushion Shoe Insoles

If you are tired of hurting your feet from wearing high heels but just couldn’t make yourself leave your beloved footwear behind, you don’t need to. Kilofly silicone cushion shoe insoles bring to you a great feeling of comfort in your own heels. These insoles fit effortlessly into any and every one of your shoes and take away all the discomfort you had to face earlier. They are made of silicone to provide your feet with best foot care with its softness. The quality of the material of these insoles makes them slip-proof and you can find these insoles in different sizes as well. With the right insole, you get the style of your heels backed up with a new comfort.

4. Pedag Lady Gel-Velvety Insole for High Heels

When you add these insoles to your high heels, the experience of the footwear gets enriched in multifold. They are designed to provide a specific alleviation to the pain you felt earlier in the forefoot. You get to feel a smoothness of velvet in the material that creates a cushion for the joints and heel of your feet. These insoles fit nicely into almost all your footwear and can be reused with their self-adhesive feature and even washed by hands at times.

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5. Superfeet Women’s Dress-fit Style Support Insoles

These synthetic insoles are very comfortable and completely vegan. The quality of the fabric sole lets you have a break from the pain of your foot, heel and arch that you usually face when in your heels. The design supports a low arch and gives a smooth fit in all footwear. These insoles have no latex and come with an anti-bacteria layering with natural NXT. So when you are planning to breathe in some relief while still standing tall in your high heels, it is one of the best insoles for high heels that can save your day.

Choose any among these and rock your heels in style.


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