Best Insoles For Flat Feet Review & Buying Guide 2016

If you are suffering from the problems of flat feet, you need to be even more careful when you are looking to buy shoes. Ideally, you should look for the best insoles for flat feet as it will be one of the finest ways of ensuring that you can wear the best shoes which you love and at the same time, it will not hurt your feet either.

Here, we will take a look at 10 of the finest choices for the best insoles for flat feet. Each of the products which we will be talking of is sure to offer you the comfort you must have always desired. With so many amazing options at hand, it should be a lot easier for you to understand which option would be the best to pick for.

Most of us need to walk a lot all throughout the day. No matter which profession you are in, walking is mandatory. This is why you should try and find most comfortable shoes for standing all day and those with issues of flat feet need to add the right insoles so that they can be on their feet and still not have soreness in their leg.

Of course, this list by no means infers that it is an exclusive list or the only one which you should consider. However, we made it a point to examine a lot of details and then compiled this ultimate list of the best insoles not only are they helpful for flat feet, but most of them are also best insoles for planar fasciitis.

1- Samurai Insoles- Orthotics for flat feet

The insoles by Samurai have been made after careful consideration of the required details. They help in curtailing the pronaiton which may otherwise occur commonly in people with low or even fallen arches. Orthotics has always been a chosen measure by podiatric for dealing with troubles that people with flat feet go through. This insole is made of the best quality of material and they look great too. The design is slim which means that they can be worn for nearly all kinds of footwear. They are not specific to any model and thereby allow people to enjoy them with different pairs of shoes. They are a good run for the money.

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2- Superfeet green premium insoles

Superfeet is one of the topmost brands which is known for making some of the best flat insoles. Their products are aptly designed and the main focus is to offer comfort and style to the users. These bright green colored insoles offer maximum support and they can fit even the roomiest footwear as well. Their one major specialty is the fact that they offer manmade soles. It also comes with an anti bacteria coating which is vegan and also latex free. The construction is durable and thus will last long enough. If you need an insole which can give you a blend of style and comfort, this seems to be a great choice.

3- Sof Sole air orthotic insole

Available in a lot of different sizes, this insole by Sof sole seems to be one of the perfect matches. It comes with a dynamic gel cushioning which is sure to offer you added comfort. Not only this, there is also a stability plate which gives extra robustness to these insoles. These can be used for both men and women and the air chamber which is a part of this insole will offer you exactly the comfort which people with flat feed often need. This insole makes use of four different technologies for the sake of offering the right comfort and use to every individual. It also has foam which helps in rebounding of energy and the nylon plate which is integrated in it will ensure that the foot can be firmly aligned. It will also help in unwinding the pressure on the plantar fasciitis bone as well.

4- Superfeet black premium insoles

This is another great design by Superfeet which is a popular choice among people. It is imported and comes with a synthetic lining. It is mainly low arched and its main purpose is to offer support. It is light in weight which makes it easier for people with flat feet to wear it even for long hours. It is so made that it can fit almost all kinds of footwear; even the ones which are extremely tight-fitting. It is mainly catered towards those who either have flat feet or even low arches. It offers great service in exchange of the judicious price.

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5- Envelop full length orthotics

This insole by Envelop was made after careful consideration of too many points. The expert opinion was taken for the sake of analyzing the different aspects of which design would seem to be apt for use. This full length orthotics is contoured in such a way that it will help in getting rid of different kind of pain and foot ache which you may otherwise experience. It has antimicrobial fibers which allows people to wear it all day and still be comfortable with it too. Further, it can be worn by both men and women and it also comes with a great fit which can be customized based upon the size of shoe you wear.

6- Footminders comfort arch support insoles

These insoles are made especially for people who are suffering from flat feet and even the problems of plantar fasciitis. This insole offers firm foot arch and there is also an added cushion which gives instant relief from foot pain. Further, they are designed in a way that they can suit different kinds of shoes, including but not limited to boots worn to work, lace up shoes, running shoes and more. It has been recommended by both podiatrists and even chiropractors as well. It comes equipped with dual layers of EVA and also has forefoot pads as well.

7- Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel insoles

Catering towards men, this is a finely designed insole which offers the best comfort which you can hope for. The forefoot has massaging gel waves and the heels offer shock absorption. Further, they act like spring cushion which helps in keeping the feet comfortable. The massaging gel insole is also likely to help in cutting down the stress which may be otherwise present in the knee because of excessive walking or standing. While it is suited for a lot of different types of shoes, it is mainly targeted towards running shoes and sneakers. This insole is known for offering you the blend of comfort, shock absorption and the best support. If you are involved in a work that needs higher amount of walking and/or standing, this is certainly the pair to grab.

8- SmartSole exercise insoles

This is an excellent insole which has been designed to help people with flat feet and even those who are undergoing treatment for shin splints as well. This insole helps in absorbing shock and it is one of the best options for those who often experience a lot of pain in their legs. The cushioning which this insole offers is commendable and it also adds in extra energizing support too. This insole also has an integrated heel cup which is present along with a metallic grade gel insert. It has a ¾ length and so it can suit all sizes of shoes.

9- Footminders Kids orthotics

This insole has been designed for children. It has a great designing which will make it easier for children to stay on their feet all day long. It has been designed for almost all kids of children shoes and also has a deep heel cup which mainly helps in improving the kind of stability which children can enjoy. When designing insoles for children extra care is taken to ensure that the comfort factor is not compromised. This is why for your child; you should definitely consider opting for this piece.

10- 10 seconds flat foot sport insoles

This insole has been designed solely for men and it is a synthetic product which comes with an anti-blister cover at the top. It also has the anti odor properties and it can be used for different kind of shoes. The heels are so made that it can offer control from the troubles of pronaiton. This insole is stylish and looks apt for your use. You can use it for different kinds of athletic shoes. The price is pretty affordable and it justifies the kind of comfort which this insole has to offer.


These are 10 of the best insoles for flat feet. Which of these look to be the best choices to you? Every single option listed here is good enough to be picked. They enjoy some of the best reviews and they are surely going to be a phenomenal choice.

As we tend to walk a lot, it is important that you take good care of your shoes because recklessness in choosing insoles can lead to soreness in your leg.


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