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How To Choose The Best Orthotics For Flat Feet 2016

Flat foot is one condition. Studies find that only about 10% people in this world have neutral or normal feet that do not need any support or special care to maintain its shape when carrying body weight. People suffering from flat feet need to be extra careful when buying shoes. They should actually look out […]

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How to fix flat feet?

When you inspect the sole of the feet amongst adults, you might see a marginal ascending curve towards the middle of the sole, which is also named as an arch. This is formed by the stiff bands connecting the heel and foot bones which are also known as tendons. A number of tendons work collectively […]

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How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is mainly a condition which leads to pain in the bottom parts of your heel. It mainly occurs because the plantar fascia has been strained. The plantar fascia is actually a very thin ligament which helps on connecting your heel to the front part of your foot. When this tissue gets swollen or […]

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Best Insoles For High Heels Review & Buying Guide 2016

There’s nothing that a woman can not achieve; just give her the right heels and see the wonders they say. Heels are becoming an indispensable and dearly loved accessory of the present fashion era. They accentuate the beautiful frame of your body, add inches of elevation to your height and make you centre of attraction […]

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Best Insoles for Work Boots 2016

If you are one of those people who are required to stay standing for a longer duration in your work, or would like to attain comfort while treating your feet well, then you can halt your quest here. We have come up with a list of insoles that consists of some of the best features. […]

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Best Insoles for Standing All Days

Does your routine also include standing for long hours every day? Then know this that you are not alone in this. The hectic schedules of our mechanic life styles often leave us with hurting legs, tired from exposure to long-term standing and pressure. But just adding an insole to your everyday footwear could get you […]

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